Water Polo going strong in 2017

Happy 2017 everyone!

The year is off to a great start so far for Wednesday Night Water Polo and we figured we’d write a blog post to keep the website current!   If you are reading this after doing a google search for Water Polo in Kelowna then you are exactly who we are trying to reach!

Come on by to Kelowna’s YMCA H2O Center for drop-in water polo!  Wednesday nights with an 8:30pm start,  $5.00 pool entry for Water Polo!

We can’t wait to meet you at Kelowna Water Polo!


2 thoughts on “Water Polo going strong in 2017

  1. Hi my son is a water polo player from Bicton Perth Western Australia we are coming for a holiday in December to end of January and hoping your water polo Wednesday nights are still going as he is super keen to play . He is a very confident and extremely strong swimmer as you would expect..He is off to nationals in March and needs to continue to keep up his fitness and swimming training . Can you advise me if this would be for him ?
    Kindest Regards
    Leasa Davis


    1. Hi Leasa, It’s great to hear from you! We still meet every Wednesday night at 8:30pm! We would love to have your son join us. We might even learn a thing or two from him! Looking forward to seeing you in Canada!


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